Our Story


Born and raised in Michigan, Paul and Sara worked their way back to the Mitten where they began their life together. Paul being a local to the county, they now live in Lake Leelanau with their two dogs, Lucy and Rocket. Paul's passion for extreme sports and Sara's love for adventure got them thinking of trying something new. Being kiteboarders, we are always looking for ways to stay outside and on the water as much as possible. Paul was introduced to efoiling through friends, as he already knew about foilboards from kiting. The more we looked into this advanced technology, the more we knew we had to get involved. We then connected with Lift Foils after reading about their products and talking with their owners/representatives. Soon after, we became affiliates when we decided to open our business, "Lake Life Efoils". 
We want to share this lifestyle with you as you get to experience why we love and respect our Michigan roots. There is just something about our fresh water lakes that sets them apart from the rest of the world. Living on a peninsula, we get to experience the sunrise and sunsets from over a dozen lakes that surround us and our area. Both having traveled the country, we agree there is truly no place like Northern Michigan. If you're like us and are always chasing fun and seeking new adventures, then Lake Life Efoils is for you.